About Our Services

More than half a billion people in the world speak Spanish yet only a few Spanish-language correspondents are based in Israel. Covering any story without a correspondent on the ground, under deadline, and without quick access to information and newsmakers to interview in Spanish, is a challenge for any journalist. 

Fuente Latina works to ensure that Spanish-language journalists from around the world have access to the facts and experts necessary to accurately cover Israel and related topics in real-time. 

Fuente Latina is a non-partisan, non-profit organization known as the trusted source of information in Spanish for global media professionals covering Israel and the Middle East.  

We have worked with thousands of diverse Spanish-language journalists and media professionals covering stories about the region while visiting Israel and from afar.

Since our inception in 2012, Fuente Latina has facilitated wide coverage of Israel and the region with top global Spanish-language media: 5,000+ interviews yielding 33,000+ stories; conducted 100+ helicopter tours; 50 Media Fellowships for 300 journalists; and authored over 100 op-eds.

Our experienced team of Spanish-speaking media professionals, producers, and videographers work day and night to ensure that Spanish-language media have all the tools and resources needed to cover stories and issues that matter most to their respective audiences. Fuente Latina understands that Spanish-language media audiences are culturally diverse and unique. We also understand the need for speed, accuracy, and high-quality content. 

Fuente Latina media services assist journalists and influencers in a variety of ways to increase the breadth and depth of news coverage.

Daily Media Support

  • Media packages and content: factsheets, translations, press kits, multimedia material (video, images, audio)
  • Skype and telephone interviews with officials, experts and others as news stories break
  • News story pitches and research
  • Press events with politicians, leaders, industry innovators, cultural figures and others
  • International media tours with newsmakers
  • One-on-one in-studio interviews with newsworthy personalities from Israel, Spain, Latin America and the U.S.

Media Production in Israel 

Our production team in Israel helps photographers, videographers, location shoots, on-camera interviews, and logistical reporting needs. Fuente Latina can serve as production assistants for journalists visiting Israel, but also for outlets looking to cover a story without spending resources on travel. We have produced radio, TV, and print stories for more than 300 journalists reporting on Mideast-related stories from Spain, the U.S., and Latin America. Our work has yielded TV Emmy wins and an Associated Press Broadcasting award for major U.S. Latino networks.

Helicopter & Ground Tours in Israel

Fuente Latina provides aerial and ground tours for media and influencers to get a close understanding of Israel’s security challenges. We host aerial tours for a wide range of Hispanic trendsetters and leaders. Some of our passengers have included Latino comedian George Lopez, Argentinian TV personality Marley, and the Vice President and Foreign Minister of Panama Isabel Saint-Malo.

Media Fellowships to Israel

Fuente Latina organizes Fellowships to Israel for Spanish-language media professionals and influencers from around the world. The unique tour grants international reporting experience and byline opportunities. All travel, accommodations and food expenses are covered by Fuente Latina. Media Fellows are expected to make the most of this professional work experience and publish or broadcast stories during the weeklong tour or immediately upon their return.

For more information, or to sign up for a Fellowship, see our Media Fellowship page.

Digital Content and Videos

Fuente Latina’s Jerusalem-based team produces unique videos and digital stories that are culturally relevant to diverse Hispanic audiences worldwide. Our digital content allows journalists and influencers, based outside of the Middle East, to tell curated stories online about Israel and the region through a Latino lens, meaningful to them and their followers.

For more information or questions about our media services, please contact