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Our Leadership


executive board Members:

Claudia Dornbusch

Chair | Founder and COO of Facilitador, LLC
Miami, FL

Fred Siegman

Immediate Past Chair | President Siegman Consulting Services
Chicago, IL

Lois R. Fishman

Secretary | Founder and Principal Law Office of Lois R. Fishman
Los Angeles, CA

Leah Soibel

President | Founder & CEO Fuente Latina
Miami, FL

Andrew F. Mars

Treasurer | CEO Mars Media Family
Orange County, CA


Rita y Pepe Sigal

Santa Monica, CA


Stephanie Pier de Romano

Miami, FL

Evelyn Drezner- Faigenblat

Hollywood, FL

Fuente Latina’s Advisory Councils (FLAC)

Fuente Latina’s Advisory Councils (FLAC)  advises on issues of strategic importance and provides support and guidance. FLAC Members have a wide range of backgrounds. All FLAC members are community leaders who are passionate about advancing and working to pursue Fuente Latina’s mission. If you are interested in joining a local FLAC, please contact 

Miami Advisory Council (MAC) Members 

  • Pablo Goldstein – MAC Chair – Originally from Argentina, Pablo is the Founder/CEO of Unified Video Technologies (UNIV).
  • Evelyn Faigenblat – Originally from Colombia, Evelyn is a WIZO Florida Chapter Board member and independent fundraising professional.
  • Amiel Moskona – Originally from Venezuela, Amiel is a private jet broker with Aerocraft International, Inc.
  • Alvaro Psevosnik – Originally from Argentina, Alvaro is owner of Disart Media and founding member of Latin-Jewish Business Connections.
  • Harry Woldenberg – Originally from Mexico, Harry is founder and CEO of Postermedia.

Los Angeles Advisory Council (LAAC) Members

  • Emily Lodmer – A California native, Emily is Professor of English as a Second Language at Santa Monica College. She found a passion for Latin culture while studying Art History in Mexico. 
  • Rita Sigal – Born in Mexico City, Rita is a longtime Angelena with a passion for philanthropy. She has made significant contributions to US-Israel relations and education while working to help as many people in her community as she can.