Fuente Latina provides experts and specialists to journalists and media contacts on the political and social reality of Israel and the Middle East. We have a varied agenda with considerable knowledge of the reality pertaining to this region of the world, both in Spanish and in other languages, and they are ready to assist in putting the complex, current situation into context for the average audience.

The demand for information on the Middle East by public opinion is increasing, so access to experts on the ground becomes a powerful tool to enrich the information and obtain a more accurate approximation to the reality of what is going on.

Through Fuente Latina, communication professionals can contact renowned personalities from the political and business world, historians, university researchers, senior officials, artists and writers, available to contribute their knowledge on issues that today occupy press headlines from all over the world. From the Iranian nuclear program or the Arab-Israeli conflict, to the Arab Spring, to the Israeli phenomenon of technological startups or to the rise of Jihadist terror, the range of topics is as wide and varied as are the points of view that we can offer journalists. through our specialized sources.