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Fuente Latina (FL) removes geographic and linguistic barriers for global Spanish language media covering stories about Israel and the Mideast. With offices in Jerusalem, Madrid, Miami, and Los Angeles (early 2018), FL is the only organization of its kind engaging international Latino media in real time.

FL is a registered U.S. non-profit organization that is not affiliated with any government. Our objective is to educate Latino audiences about Israel and the Middle East by providinge factual information and analysis for the Spanish language media. We specialize in providing tailored media services from Israel to global Latino media. Fuente Latina maintains a global network of hundreds of Spanish-speaking Mideast subject analysts who are available on-demand.

In its first year, Fuente Latina has facilitated some 250 interviews for the Spanish-speaking press worldwide.
– The Algemeiner

FL was established in December 2012 out of a growing demand for greater access to information about Israel and the Middle East in Spanish amid developing regional events such as Operation Pillar of Defense, the Arab Spring and Iran’s nuclear program.

“When you have a journalist that is taking one stance versus another stance, it’s about making that personal connection,” Soibel added. “That’s why the language is so important.”
– Jewish Journal

In just five years, Fuente Latina has facilitated wide coverage of Israel and the region with top global Spanish media: 2,300+ interviews yielding 30,000+ stories; conducted 100+ helicopter tours; 30 press missions for 200 journalists; and authored over 100 op-eds.

FL Staff

Founder and CEO: Leah Soibel (Jerusalem) (biography)
Executive Director: Cindy Novak (Miami) (biography)
Media Outreach Director: Gloria Garcés (Miami) (biography)
Director of Communications: Rafael Aníbal (Madrid) (biography)
Operations Coordinator: Daniella Benaim (Jerusalem) (biography)
Community & Content Manager: David Gallego (Madrid) (biography)

FL Services

Fuente Latina removes the geographic and linguistic barriers for Spanish speakers that need to cover and understand issues related to Israel and the Middle East, whether it be about Islamic terrorism or technology and startups. Our job is to assist Spanish-speaking journalists and based in the western hemisphere gain access to politicians, experts and analysis about Israel and the region. Fuente Latina maintains a global network of experts on Middle East affairs. Our experts are located in Israel, Europe, the U.S. and Latin America.

“We’ve developed something that really didn’t exist before in this space”
– Leah Soibel, The Algemeiner

FL provides the following services:

  • Latino media missions to Israel
  • Media tours and newsmaker events in Spain, the U.S. and Latin America with Spanish and English-speaking experts
  • Field production services for Latino media in Israel
  • Tailored news stories about Israel and the region for global Spanish-speaking media
  • Virtual and in-person press briefings with experts and politicians in Israel, the United States and Latin America
  • Telephone and Skype interviews
  • Spanish-speaking experts and analysts on demand
  • Fact-sheets and background information in Spanish
  • Multi-media story packages
  • Social media updates

FL Executive Board Members

Mr. Fred Siegman, Board President
CEO, Siegman Consulting Services, Chicago, IL

Ms. Leah Soibel, Board Secretary
Founder/CEO, Fuente Latina, Israel

Ms. Claudia Dornbusch, Board Treasurer
Co-Owner/Founder/Director of Client Services, Facilitador, Miami, FL

Ms. Angela M. Epstein
Partner & General Manager, PDI Latin America, Hartford, CT

Ms. Joscelyn Krauss Litvak
Self Employed Artist, New York, NY

FL Miami Advisory Board Members

  • Mr. Pablo Goldstein, Advisory Board Chair
  • Ms. Johana Abraham
  • Mr. Yoav Cohen
  • Ms. Evelyn Faigenblat
  • Mr. Ruben Iberkleid
  • Mr. Amiel Moskona
  • Mr. Alvaro Psevosnik
  • Mr. Harry Woldenberg
  • Ms. Rosita Zelcer


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