Fuente Latina Media Fellowship

Fuente Latina offers Spanish speaking journalists and influencers a weeklong professional media experience in Israel. The tours are tailor made according to the relevant interests of each individual group.

The Fellowship provides a unique opportunity for Hispanic journalists to experience international reporting and earn bylines on stories from one of the most exciting and intriguing news hotspots worldwide.

All travel, accommodation and food expenses are covered by Fuente Latina. Media Fellows are expected to make the most of this professional work experience by publishing at least two stories of their choice during the trip or immediately upon their return.

More than 300 journalists from the U.S., Latin America and Spain have participated in the Fuente Latina Media Fellowship since 2013.

This professional Fellowship is catered strictly for Latino media. Conducted in Spanish, it is designed to inform Latino audiences about Israel and the region through a Hispanic lens. Participants learn about issues that are of interest to their specific audiences

During the action-packed work week in Israel, Fellows meet a wide range of experts on a variety of topics of interest to their outlets and audience. Interviews include: political and security officials, religious clergy, high-tech entrepreneurs, Latino families living under rocket fire along the Gaza border, doctors saving lives and many, many more!

Fuente Latina Media Fellows have called the trip “eye opening” and “life-changing. “

If you are interested in this program and would like to participate, please contact: rafael@fuentelatina.org rafael@fuentelatina.org