— Édgar Ávila
El Universal, México


“Fuente Latina allowed me to better understand the history, conflicts and future of the Middle East and of Israel; personally it opened my heart to dear friends.”

Carlos Aviles
— Carlos Avilés
La Prensa, Los Angeles


“Fuente Latina helped me to have a better understanding of the Middle East and know the history, challenges, culture, gastronomy and technological advances of Israel. Through this experience I was able to enjoy the Holy Land and its historical sites. I returned home with many stories to share and feeling I became part of an incredible group of friends and colleagues.”

María Peña
— María Peña
La Opinión, Washington


“I am grateful and I value the opportunity I had to travel with Fuente Latina to Israel in 2016. I learned so much about the complex Arab-Israeli conflict, and I was able to interview very interesting people including the co-founder of Waze, Uri Levine. On a personal level, it was very gratifying to visit the religious holy sites.”

Eliana Braier
— Eliana Braier
América Noticias, Argentina


“Fuente Latina is a source of information and life experiences. Helping, showing, opening eyes, teaching. As a journalist, having the experience of traveling with them to Israel was very moving. Not only did we have the opportunity of coming in contact with a county that grows and flourishes from the desert but that it receives its visitors as the best host, exhibiting its lights and shadows, taken by the hand of true professionals.”

Rebecca Aguilar
— Rebecca Aguilar
Reportera, Texas


“The program also helped me understand that there are lots of misconceptions about the relationship between Israeli and Arab communities. It is true that there’s conflict, yet there are Jewish and Muslim people working under the same roof in technologies that could make our world a better place. There are Jewish doctors that won’t allow politics getting in the way of their efforts to help wounded people from Syria that come to the border for treatment. I will greatly recommend the Media Fellowship Program of Fuente Latina to any journalist because part of our job is to never cease to learn.”

Adriana Navarro
— Adriana Navarro
Noticias 41, Miami


“Traveling to Israel with Fuente Latina has been one of the best experiences of my life. Not only did it allow me to know first-hand the magic of a country that combines different cultures and religiosa but I also had the opportunity to produce a TV series for the News Program that I work for where I showcased the Holy Land, Tel Aviv and areas of conflict like the Gaza and Syrian borders. I was impressed to see how hospitals in Israel received people wounded in the war and treat many Syrian patients, among them kids that had to be amputated. I was fascinated by Tel Aviv, a cradle for Start-Ups, but above all, I enjoyed traveling through a country that fuses the traditional with the modern.”