Join the only group uniting Jewish and Latino media professionals in the fight against hate and disinformation.

Who are we?

 We are Latin and Jewish professionals from across the world of media and entertainment united for the first time against the hatred, discrimination and disinformation campaigns targeting our communities.


Latinos and Jews share a long history of standing up against bias. We have united against hatred in the past and it’s time to do so again.

In 2020, Hispanics and Jews were targets of malicious disinformation campaigns waged through the mainstream press and social media. While much of the hatred today manifests on social media, history shows that what starts with words and boycotts often ends with bigotry and bloodshed.

What are the goals and objectives of the alliance?

In today’s precarious climate where political divisiveness is exploited online to breed mistrust, it is essential that we support each other.

While many Latino and Jewish organizations combat discrimination individually, the goal of this Alliance is to unite our collective voices against both evils. We recognize that disinformation poisons both of our communities. We believe that our strength is in unity, not division, and that our histories and our futures are intertwined.

The objective of the Alliance is to:

Educate our communities and the public about issues that impact our common destiny.

Counter disinformation in the mainstream press and social media.

Engage in activities, trips, and dialogue that build bridges and promote understanding and mutual respect.

Roots of the alliance?

Fuente Latina, the non-profit media organization known and trusted for its work connecting Latino and Jewish communities, created the Alliance in answer to the escalating hatred and disinformation in mainstream press and digital platforms.


Latino and Jewish communities have a long history of working together to fight hatred and discrimination in the US and Latin America.

Our close relations were on public display in 2019 in El Paso when Jews and Latinos rallied together in solidarity following the mass shooting targeting Hispanics, where 23 people lost their lives to a racist attacker.

There have been countless expressions of unity in the past, and with rising disinformation campaigns and hatred targeting Jews and Latinos, we must amplify our voices and stand together.

The Latin-Jewish Alliance was formed with these ideals in mind.

As media and entertainment professionals, we are uniquely positioned to make a difference and take a stand against these new manifestations of an old hatred.

We aim to build bridges connecting our communities in a united display of solidarity and commitment to mutual understanding and respect.

In today’s precarious climate where political divisiveness is exploited online to breed mistrust, it is essential that we continue to support each other.

We urge you to add your voice for unity and against hatred.

Join the Alliance today. Together we can make a real difference.

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