Fuente Latina (FL) opens a window that looks to the Middle East for Latin America and US Hispanics. We have the mission to disseminate the news and context of Israel and the rest of the countries of this region of the world to the Spanish-speaking audience, through fair and balanced treatment from the Latin media.

We are an independent organization providing information in Spanish about Israel and the Middle East to journalists and leading political officials in Latin America and the Spanish speaking world. FL is the only entity that is proactively dedicated to building bridges, within Israel and in the world, between Latin media and the reality of the Middle East, in its own language and in real time. 

We develop our non-profit activity and are not affiliated with any government. Our headquarters are in Israel, with  offices in Madrid and Miami and we maintain an active global network of Spanish speaking experts, specialized in this region of the world, who provide information and analysis to the Spanish media.

Fuente Latina was born in December 2012 in response to a growing demand for information on Israel and the Middle East and with the aim of facilitating greater access in Spanish to the current situation in the region, especially from such relevant events as Operation Protective Edge, the Arab Spring or Iran’s growing challenge to the international community with its nuclear program.

At Fuente Latina, we defend a balanced and independent image of Israel and the set of countries that make up the Middle East, and we have as our goal, the establishment of a fluid relation with the communication professionals of the Hispanic world to increase the coverage and to promote the correct diffusion of the reality that surrounds this region.


Fuente Latina is a project made possible thanks to the generous support of the MZ Foundation and the Moses Feldman Family Foundation.